So who am I?

Hello, I am Amey and it's very nice to meet you! I'm a fitness-loving, breton-loving, self-confessed peanut butter addict with a massive interest in Fashion & Beauty. I also have a thing about Gin....and brunch! When I'm not hiding behind my laptop or camera creating content, then I love to be outdoors making memories with friends and family. I'm am particularly partial to spending time in a wee place called Cullen (where my family originate from) and spending time taking our Golden Retriever, Alfie, out for long walks along the Scottish coastline.

So how did it begin?

Teacups & Buttondrops began waaay back in 2010 when I was looking for a form of creative outlet. At that point in time, I spent many hours reading other people's blogs and so naturally,  I decided to start Teacups & Buttondrops. Fast-forward a number of years later, Teacups & Buttondrops is still in existence and I am still enjoying creating regular content as much as the day I started.

What do I write about?

Teacups & Buttondrops incorporates a mixture of Fashion, Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle.  My usual posting days are a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday although I sometimes throw in a few posts in between.

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