Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Life | The Weekly Spend #002...


One of things I love reading is how people spend their money through Money Diaries (Refinery 29 is the place to go for these). I find it intriguing and interesting how it varies from person to person depending on income.

I have done one of these myself previously which you can find here. However, I thought I would do another one seeing as I enjoy reading them so much.


I actually wasn't planning on going out today. However thanks to my new obsession with Dates with Almond Butter, I decided to pop out to get a few odds and ends. I picked up more Dates, Turkey Sausages and Heat Protect Spray from Sainsburys. I also picked up some slim storage baskets for my kitchen cupboard as it currently looks like a bomb has hit the spice/tea shelf. Today I also placed an Amazon order using some vouchers I had and added some extra to it.

Total: £40.35


I never even made it into a shop today but I did have a Direct Debit come off my account

Total: £29.99


I popped into Tesco after the gym and picked up some Melon and some Fudge (It has been put away for later).

Total: £3.25


Sainsburys was once again on my hitlist (pretty sure I am in supermarkets far too much) and I picked up some essentials. I also popped into TK Maxx to look for part of a present for someone (I am obsessed with their home section).

Total: £27.46


I popped into Co-op beside my work but not for food this time. Instead it was for cashback.

Total: £11.40


Back in Sainsburys yet again. This time for some baking items and some essentials to see me through until my food order arrives on Sunday.

Total: £28.55


My friend was hosting a Burns supper so I purchased a day bus ticket

Total: £4.00

Weekly Total: £145.00

This total is a little lower than I thought it would be. I didn't have any no spend days this time around which is something I definitely need to work on. I also think I need to curb my additional top-up food shops. Surely what I should be doing is spending more when I do my weekly food shop and not picking up things left, right and centre during the week.

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