Sunday, 24 February 2019

Life | The Sunday Edit #007...


Do you ever feel like time is just slipping away? That is how I have felt this week - so much to do with so little time.

On Sunday I returned from a weekend at home which was rather relaxing if I must say so myself...and it probably was made complete by having two pups demanding snuggles all weekend. Needless to say when I came back I had a million and one things to do - starting with food prep. Food prep can be the bane of my life sometimes but it needs to be done as it helps so much during the week. Luckily I have some quick food prep options that doesn't involve much thought (eg just stick it in the oven)

This week I have been attempting to fend off whatever illness seems to be lurking (probs not helped as I'm always here, there and everywhere). It doesn't seem to have come to anything as of yet which is good but rather annoying at the same time. I just wish it would do something! I actually had a nap straight after work on Monday as I felt horrific. Woke up in plenty of time for Body Combat though...

Gym has been relatively quiet this week. I've been prioritising sleep over getting up ridiculously early before work so I can try and fend off the monster above. I keep trying to get in a workout before work at Pure particularly on the days I don't have a double class but it hasn't happened yet. I can try next week - ideally when I have good sleep. I did a gym workout on Wednesday evening and the gym was suspiciously quiet for once (ASV not Pure) as opposed to the week before where every single floor space was occupied. Was there something on that I did not know about? Who knows...

Something that has been annoying me this week is my lack of time available to do everything I want to do. For instance, I really want to declutter my flat as there is probably a lot of things that can go (apart from my plants - no one touches the plant babies!). I also have this little space on the interwebs - so many posts I want to write but so little time to do so. Could it be that I perhaps need to time block more or give myself 5 things that I must do each day? Perhaps. Maybe it is something that I should think about going forward. No time like the present right?

Finally, how stunning is the rainbow picture above? This was taken outside my parents front door and was only around for about 5 mins or so. It was a huge full-size double rainbow. Absolutely incredible and I'm not sure I've ever seen something quite like it.

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