Sunday, 17 February 2019

Life | The Sunday Edit #006...


Oh what a week! Honestly - it has been a truly dreadful one! It should actually be named 'the water leak week'. For reasons I will explain below...

My week started off pretty well with a visit to Vovem for a friend's birthday. Food was good although I did feel that service perhaps was a little slow at times and it wasn't particularly busy when we were in. However, I would definitely still pop back for a further visit as the food, once arrived, was absolutely delicious.

On Tuesday I received an email to suggest that there was a leak from my kitchen going down into the flat below. However, it turned out to be a communal pipe in the hallway. Problem solved...or so I thought. On Thursday I came to home to half of my side of the street flooded. Source? The drain outside my building where the water connects. Cue waiting on Scottish Water to fix the main pipe and having no water until Friday morning. Absolutely a ball of fun.

Gym-wise has been pretty relaxed this week - had some re-testing to do for my programme and then apart from that it has just been a few classes and a few morning lie-ins instead. Oops! I did have a really good Body Pump class on Thursday though - it was the 1st time in a long while that it has felt that good. Long may it continue.

On Friday, I had a little half day from work so my friend came up from Glasgow to visit my parents for the weekend. Dogs were definitely pleased to see us, although I didn't quite anticipate having to look after Maisie when she was sick twice when my parents were out. She's fine now - we think it was due to seaweed she was eating earlier on in the day on her walk. We also popped along on Saturday to Baxters for one of their notoriously good pancakes. Seriously if you haven't visited and had one, you really need to go.

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