Monday, 4 February 2019

Life | The Sunday Edit #004...


Who knows where the weeks go - I certainly don't. Saying that I pretty much live in a Gym, Work, Gym, Sleep routine right now.

This week seemed to be the week of eating out with both friends and family. I don't think I've eaten out quite so much in the space of a week before (4/5 times I think). Next week will be a disappointment food-wise then, haha.

Snow? I am officially 100% over it. It is pretty much more of a hinderance now rather than a pleasure. I love walking to work (40-ish mins) in the mornings but having to get a bus is not quite the same joy and it means I need to leave by certain times. The snow also means that I have to take extra shoes with me as trainers are not the ones.

Gym-wise: I have just discovered the Squat rack (don't ask why it has taken me so long but more than likely because you can never get near them in my gym) and I think I'm in love, haha. It is definitely easier to focus on technique here as opposed to Body Pump as Body Pump is sooo quick (all the bottom half pulses...). I feel like I'm already making progress here and definitely want to try and do a session a week focusing with the bar.

On a slightly connected note, I have also discovered that I really like Oat milk. So far it makes a really, really good latte and is fine in tea if you can get the balance right. If you don't get the balance right then it is like drinking porridge.

Finally, Saturday saw the return of the Guiness 6 Nations so naturally I was back down at Murrayfield watching the Scotland vs Italy match. It was a pretty good match with plenty of speed and tries but the last 15 mins should not be mentioned. Shambles is the only way to describe those. Next up Ireland next weekend...who will more than likely be hunting a victory after their match against England.

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