Thursday, 3 January 2019

Life | The thing about the internet...

Bin Hill Cullen

As a child, I spent my days climbing trees, riding horses, losing myself in a good book or creating Hama bead creations quicker than my Mum could iron them. Simple times and simple pleasures.

Back then the internet was non-existent: there was no 'google it'; no Netflix and certainly no online shopping. It wasn't until my teenage years that the internet really started to gather momentum and even then it was basic dial-up. Yes, the one with the horrific dial up tone where you got thrown off every time your parents wanted to use the house phone. It was as basic as basic comes.

Nowadays, everything revolves around a wifi connection: Netflix, Social Media, Shopping...even careers can now be made on the internet. The list is truly endless. Needless to say, when you are cut off, you come to realise how much you actually rely on it.

A couple of months ago, an Internet provider cut me off through no fault of my own other than that  the new occupants in the building input their address wrong (flat locations people, flat locations). So until they could fit me in to reconnect it, I had no internet for near enough 3 weeks.

When I realised the multitude of things I couldn't do, I was a little lost. What would I do? How would I occupy those evenings when I was alone? Would my instagram feed suffer seeing as it is generally a bitch to grow? However, despite feeling intially lost, I managed to find things to do. I reconnected with things I previously loved to do: baked goods, watched DVD boxsets (Sabrina: the teenage witch if you're wondering), listened to the many ideas in my head and read many,many books.

So was there anything to gain from being offline?

As a result of being 'offline', I felt free-er, I slept better and felt I was a much better person overall. In addition, I had much less brain nonsense going on, a much cleaner and organised flat and also felt more relaxed. And the best one? I felt I had gained time as I wasn't spending my time scrolling aimlessly through Social Media while watching Netflix,

The thing about the internet? You can cope perfectly well without it.

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