Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Eats | Malteaser Rocky Road...


Rocky Road is one of my favourite sweet treats and it is one of the quickest to make. In addition, it is also one of the most customisable sweet treats you can do.

Chocolate-wise, I'll eat most things (apart from coffee flavoured sweets - yuck!) but for the past few months it has been all about the Malteasers. And with that in mind, I decided to make Malteaser Rocky Road.


You will need:

100g Malteasers
2 Tbsp Golden Syrup
100g Unsalted Butter
200g Digestive Biscuits
90g Mini Marshmallows
250g Milk Chocolate


001) Over a Bain-Marie, melt the Chocolate and the Butter. Then add in the Golden Syrup.
002) Into a separate bowl, crush the Digestive Biscuits making sure that you have a mixture of sized pieces. Then add the Marshmallows and the Malteasers.
003) Combine the two bowls together - I usually pour the Chocolate Bowl into the one with all the goodies. Pl
ace mixture into a deep tin (around 1 inch in depth).
004) Place in fridge to set until hard.

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