Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fashion | Top 10 Vintage Clothing Finds...


There is something about following a crowd which I have never liked.  I dislike being the same as everyone else particularly when it comes to fashion which means I tend to shop vintage clothing pieces more often than not.

Over the years I have curated a number of pieces. As my size has changed, I have passed some pieces onto new homes but then I have kept some of my ultimate favourites which still fit.

So what vintage finds are in my top 10?


001) Floral Embroidered Dress:

This dress is probably my favourite dress that I own. It is one of those dresses which you can just throw on and it will look fabulous. Perfect for those days where you want to make an effort but not try too hard.


002) Red Checked Shirt:

Every wardrobe needs a checked shirt. This one I picked up from one of the vintage shops down in London (definitely need another trip soon!) and it is such a simple piece to team with either jeans or leggings.


003) Red Poppy Jumper:

There is something about vintage jumpers that I love and that is that they are generally warmer than the jumpers currently available. This in particular is one of my favourites as I love Poppies.


004) Yellow Dress:

This was an Ebay find when I was hunting for something suitable to wear for a wedding last year. I did actually end up wearing this for a wedding and people commented on how unusual it was.


005) Floral Shorts:

I bought these a couple of years ago when I was slightly bigger and they didn't fit that great at the time. However, I held onto them and they now fit like a glove. Luckily, with the summer we had, I managed to get a lot of use out of them. Will probably also wear them in the winter with thick tights.


006) Michigan Sweat:

Sweatshirts are great for throwing on whenever. This one was a bargain vintage buy - I think I only paid £5 for it. Apart from 2 other hoodies, it is one of my most-worn casual pieces.


007) Polka Dot Trousers:

These cropped trousers are one of my newer additions to my vintage collection. They are smart enough to wear for work (when the weather permits that is) and the best thing is that it is like wearing pyjamas all day.


008) Granny Cardigan:

This was another Ebay find and I think one of my first ever vintage buys. Again, it was also a bargain at £5. I like to name this cardigan ' the snow cardigan' as when it is snowing, it is the warmest item that I own  and is literally a massive hug.


009) Black Wool Coat:

This is probably my favourite find yet...and the biggest vintage sale find at £15 (think it was originally around £70 price mark). Not only does it fit like a glove but it is a great basic piece to add to any wardrobe.


010) Yellow mustard polka-dot top:

If there was a colour to define me, then it would have to be mustard. So naturally, I would include a mustard vintage piece. This top combines two of my favourite things: mustard and polka-dots. Normally I team this with black jeans and I'm ready to go.

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