Monday, 1 October 2018

Beauty | The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick...


Out of all makeup products, Lipsticks are by far my favourite to purchase. I am such a sucker for a classic red. Do I need another Red? No. Do I buy another Red even though I have another one like it? Absolutely.

The Body Shop has been one of my go-to brands for a number of years. I have always loved their skincare but at the start of this year I also started to delve into their makeup range.

I am a massive fan of their base products already and their fresh nude foundation is one of my favourite makeup finds of 2018. So with all bases covered (sorry...), I decided it was time to check out one of their product areas. This time I decided to try out their lip range and in particular their Colour Crush Lipsticks.


Colour Crush Lipsticks are not a brand new product to The Body Shop. They have been around for a few years but over time, the shades have changed, the packaging has changed and I suspect subtle improvements to the formula have also been made. However, improvements can only be a good thing right?


I picked up the shade 'Sardinia Hibiscus' which is a lovely red colour and I've been told it's very similiar to MAC Chilli.

First things first, I did find the initial application a little messy BUT I did not use a lip brush (lazy girl problems). I think if a brush was used, application would be much neater. However, what I will say is the colour payoff and lastability is brilliant.

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