Monday, 10 September 2018

Life | 10 Things to tell my student self...


001) Tequila is not and will never be your friend.
002) Ridiculously high heels are not either.
003) Supernoodles will not exist in your diet once you graduate.
004) Leaving things until the last minute is never a wise decision but on the positive you made friends with the 24 hour MacRobert Building.
005) You do not need ALL the things. Truth is you will end up discarding most of the rubbish once you move out.
006) Enjoy it to the max: make memories, laugh lots and take plenty of disco naps. Once you graduate, you will learn that adulting is hard and there is not much of a disposable income to play with. Truth is (amongst other things) you will have no more student discount and you have to learn you now have to pay grown up bills (like Council Tax)
007) Some people are never meant to stay with you past graduation but others will. They will be the ones who will reminisce about uni days; the ones who will make you laugh until you cry and also the ones you may or may not give your last rolo to.
008) Gain work experience during holidays - it will help in the long run.
009) Join the uni gym - you will actually like it. Trust me.
010) Make your thesis design much simpler - even though successful results were gathered, you may have got better, more concise results on different substrates (just saying...)

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