Sunday, 16 September 2018

Fitness | BHGE 10K...


Given a choice, I will always pick a trail race over a road race simply because they are kinder to my body. However, saying that I would never say no to one particularly if it is taking place in my city.


The BHGE 10K race is held in May each year (yes, I know I'm a bit behind on writing this!) and focuses around the beach area in Aberdeen. It is a road race which means it is incredibly tough on the body.

The route itself is pretty simple: run around the harbour area, along the beach esplanade (for an absolute age), onto King Street (one of the busiest streets in Aberdeen), around some residential areas and then past Pittodrie Stadium and onto the finish.

Overall, this definitely was not my favourite race I've participated in. Despite having perfect race conditions (not too warm/not too cold/no rain/little breeze), it came with its own challenges. Firstly, the Beach Esplanade which is 4km of straight road is definitely not good for motivating yourself when you're running solo. This was then followed by King Street which was only half closed meaning that you were running with the traffic which is an accident waiting to happen (one slip of concentration is all i'm saying...). Finally, the hill at the end (the same hill I went on about in my Great Run review) was an absolute killer.

However, considering I completed it in 1 hr 3 mins, I probably would do it again. Although with a running buddy next time to distract me and keep me motivated.

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