Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Blogging | 10 Things I remember from early blogging days...


Teacups and Buttondrops has been hanging around this little space of interwebs for 8 years (in 2 days time to be precise - whaaaat!). Needless to say, times have changed and blogging has definitely changed for the better. So what better way to celebrate this milestone than to reminisce about the 'good old days'.

Here are 10 things that I remember from the early days:

001) MAC Collection hype:

On the day that they launched bloggers used to rush down and snap up the collection to photograph and test it out for their blog. Nowadays, it seems to have died down a little - I know I definitely don't see many of these posts popping up on my feed now.

002) Blog Comments:

I remember coming home most nights, logging on, checking out my favs and leaving a blog comment or two. Back then comments were a major way of interacting with other bloggers and nothing was nicer than popping on seeing a new comment on your latest post. Thinking about that, I may start bringing that back...

003) Using a stack of books as a tripod

Before blogging became really popular, most bloggers improvised with equipment. For example, for a tripod, a stack of books was a pretty popular option.

004) Blogrolls:

One of my favourite things about logging onto a blog was clicking onto the 'blogroll' section. It was a great way to discover brand new blogs. It was also a great way to lose track of time.

005) Events? PR Packages?:

Practically non-existent. Back then, blogging (and youtube for that matter) was still a new concept to anyone outside of the blogging world. Brands didn't grasp the benefits of working with influencers and it was traditional media that had the most influence. In addition, PR packages were few and far between and generally not a widely spread thing.

006) No Insta-influencers:

Instagram started in 2010 but I wouldn't say it took off properly until 2012/13. I think my first photos were a mismatch of blurry food photos with no set theme and certain photos that would not be insta-worthy now. Also it was a chronological feed (sob!) back then which meant I could see all of my favourites as they were posted (and certainly couldn't use the excuse of the algorithm when the likes were down).

007) Cameras:

I remember when I started there was no cameras on the market with screens that flipped around. Needless to say it was incredibly difficult when you were trying to take pictures of your face for a makeup post. Also, the quality of the cameras back then were awful compared to what is available on the market now: my early posts are proof of this.

008) No Pressure:

It seems nowadays that we always have to be on top of our game: we need to be producing more content to be seen above the crowd. We also need to keep all our socials regularly updated to 'beat the algorithm' or such. Back then, it seemed (correct me if I'm wrong), that posts were when we felt like it and social media was the same (no scheduled tweets etc).

009) Blog Sales:

Blog sales were all the rage back then: got some unused MAC makeup? Sell it through blog. It was something I never did but I remember seeing many blog sale posts appearing. Pretty sure Zoella did some...

010) Song lyrics as blog post titles:

I remember this was a massive trend and lots of bloggers were doing this. However, I don't see many nowadays and I suspect that it is because we have got SEO smart.

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