Sunday, 12 August 2018

Monthly Favourites | July...


When August rolls around, then you know it is time to write up the Monthly Favourites from the month before.

So what did I love in July?


Boe Scottish Bramble Gin:

If you don't know by now, I am a massive gin fan and I find any excuse I can to try a new one. This one I picked up at Baxters when I was at home. I can honestly say that this is amazing! If you love Ribena, you will definitely love this. Just don't blame me if you finish it too quickly...


Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine - Gail Honeyman:

This book is incredible: funny and sad in equal measures. I read this within the space of the week which is actually a rarity for me. Usually I take a week or so to read a book but this one was completely different.


Close to Home - Cara Hunter:

This debut by Cara Hunter is also incredible. Once again, another book that took me just under a week to read. If you love crime novels, you will love this: gripping, compulsive reading and a stunning twist. I've actually just bought her 2nd one and I think the 3rd is out in December.


Dry Roasted Edamame Beans:

TK Maxx is a bit of a treasure trove (I believe their points card is called something like that...). The problem with it is that you never know what you will find and therefore you feel the need to purchase it at the time. This was one of those moments and surprisingly these are actually really tasty. I
t took me a long time to track down some more...


Essie 'All the Wave' & Barry M 'Amethyst Glitter' Nail Varnish:

This is the dreamiest  nail combo ever! Believe me when I say you can never have too much sparkle. Next time I think I will try it out with an orange base...

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