Wednesday, 15 August 2018

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If there is one thing that you need to do in life then it is definitely take a half day/day off of work to go and try out a spa treatment.

Clarins Skin Spa in Debenhams Aberdeen invited me down to try out their Moisture Quencher Signature Body Treatment using products that contain only natural ingredients. This treatment is a full body treatment lasting 1 hr 25 mins and aims to restore softness and suppleness to dry skin.

When I first walked into the Skin Spa, I was met by Erin. As it was my first time visiting, we started with a health questionaire which is standard procedure. Once the questionaire was completed, it was time to move onto the treatment.


The treatment rooms within Clarins Skin Spa are a similar set-up to what I have experienced before: low lighting, warm temperature and pleasant aromatic smells. However, for my treatment, the towels were arranged in such a way that only the area that was being worked on was exposed: every other area was kept warm under towels. It was the cosiest set-up ever!

Using the Moisture Rich Body Lotion, Erin worked on each area section by section: starting with the bottom and working upwards. First the front, then the back. After she had finished the main part of the treatment, I also got a little back massage too which, if you work at a desk 5 days a week and are always at the gym, it is such a welcoming bonus.


Overall, I had such a pleasant and relaxing experience: from start to finish it was incredible. Erin was brilliant at delivering the treatment, providing expertise on recommendations to suit my skin and explaining the benefits of the products and what the products do. It was simply incredible. I cannot recommend enough paying a visit yourself to experience one of their treatments which are really reasonable priced for a spa treatment. I am already planning my return to try out the Rebalancing Massage and then who knows what I'll try next...

If you're in Aberdeen and fancy treating yourself, head along to Debenhams and quote AMEY10 for a 10% discount on treatments and products (not valid online).

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