Sunday, 22 July 2018

Fitness | Balmoral 10K...


 Balmoral Castle is perhaps one of the most famous royal residences. However, once a year (usually April) it plays host to a running festival. Over the course of the weekend, participants can opt to take part in a number of races whether they do it for charity or for their own personal gain.

I decided to participate in the 10K race as part of my challenge this year to raise money for Epilepsy Research UK. The 10K route is such a beautiful route: you start just along from the castle, head up through the woods, hit a massive hill and then start a beautiful trail run all the way down. It really is beautiful - no wonder it is a royal residence!


Race day itself was incredibly hot which made for a tricky race. Not only were you trying to push for a good time, you also had to contend with the heat and ensure that you weren't going to suffer any ill effects. This is much trickier than it seems.


Overall, I really enjoyed this race and managed to complete it in 1 hr 8 mins. Despite the heat, it has perhaps been one of my favourites so far.  The route itself is second to none and there is something a little mesmerising about running through beautiful Scottish scenery. In addition, as this run is mainly through woods, I found that I have developed a preference for trail running as opposed to road running.

If you fancy donating (a little means a lot) you can visit my justgiving page here (I still have a race left in September)

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