Monday, 28 May 2018

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Nothing says 'balancing act' like trying to balance your finances during the month. It is all too easy to get a little carried away at the start of the month when you've been living off beans for three weeks prior.

It is also too easy to lose track of exactly where your money is going: those impromptu dinner dates with the girls; those mid-week top up shops and those things you think you need (when clearly you don't). Safe to say it all quickly adds up.

Inspired by Michelle from Daisybutter , I decided to track my spending for one week to see exactly where my money was going.

So what did I actually spend?


Sunday was the Baker Hughes 10K race which I was participating in so my parents came through for the day with the dogs. I went to Morrisons for my weekly food shop (~£40.00) with my Dad. However, I also ended up paying for his too as I was due him money.

Total: £69.00


On Monday, I had a monthly Direct Debit come off my account (oh the joys of being an adult!) and I popped into Sainsburys for a couple of things I had forgotten on Sunday. I also purchased an Early Bird ticket for SFN Expo in October. However, I did return two parcels first thing Monday morning so...

Total: £77.85


Nothing spent today.

Total £0.00


Ah the midweek danger zone. I popped into Sainsburys after work for a 'couple of things' which clearly did not end up being a couple of things. Complete failure.

Total: £12.85


Another no spend day.

Total £0.00


It's the weekend! Oh ok, maybe not quite yet but that didn't stop my spending habits. I popped into Co-op to pick up something for lunch (went for a salad, came out with a sandwich). After work, I ended up in Sainsburys (again!) and only picked up the essentials. However, I then popped into TK Maxx (which is ridiculously close to me) and then bought some things from the food section I definitely did not need.

Total: £20.47


Surprisingly a no spend day for me. I did take a wander down to a local market but nothing took my fancy - not even the local Nut Butters.

Total: £0.00

Weekly Total: £180.17

Overall, I'm surprised with how much I spent and unsurprised that it all went on food. I think I need to tame my Sainsburys shops a little as I always come out with more than I plan to buy which is never an ideal situation.

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