Sunday, 13 May 2018

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Running has never been my strong point. I'm not one of those people who finds running easy - I find it incredibly tough and although I have done a couple of 10K's in the past, it never gets any easier.

So what is Virtual Running?

The concept of Virtual Running has been around a while although it is completely new to me. The idea is simple: sign up for a race (a percentage of your entry fee goes to charity), run/walk/cycle the distance within your own time, submit your results and then receive a shiny medal through the post. It's all quite simple really.

I signed up for my 1st one mainly out of curiosity than anything else. I wanted to try it out and see why people love doing them so much. Also it was a great way to make my training runs this year a little bit more fun.

Within the UK, there are a number of companies where you can sign up for them. The three that I have used are: Virtual Runner , Pow Virtual Running and Virtual Running Events.

One of the great bonuses about virtual runs is that you can choose to do them either inside or outside which is great if you are restricted weather wise. This time I did mine inside as I had time to kill before classes in the gym. Usually I prefer to run outside as I like to go somewhere as opposed to running round and round and round on the treadmill. In addition, you can do them without the pressure of crowds - I don't know about you but I get a little scared running in front of people particularly when I look like rubbish after 9.5Km. Although I must say the crowds really do pull you through to the end.

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