Monday, 7 May 2018

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It was never my intention to step away from this blog for quite so long. Merely an accident.

For some time now, I have not felt like myself. Everything that I was trying to achieve was becoming increasingly overwhelming to the point I knew that something had to give before I burned out completely.

While I couldn't quite step out from my social life, my work commitments, my gym commitments (my type of switching off), my blog was one area where I could step back. And that was the decision I made.

Instead of my blog becoming a space for me to be creative, it turned into something that I really did not enjoy. For the most part, I felt no-one was reading; I felt that no matter how much time I spent on my content or my Social Media, it was wasted. I would continually read amazing content by other bloggers and then wonder what the whole point of me attempting to do anything when quite frankly no-one would read it. A vicious circle if you will.

Blogging is in essence a strange kind of world. For the most part everything is enjoyable but then it is remarkably easy to fall into the comparision trap (or for a better description - the rabbit hole). Falling into the comparison trap is, as I found out, a very lonely experience and while the general consensus is not to compare yourself to others, it is sure as hell difficult not to do. Even more difficult when you have been blogging as long as I have.

Now this is definitely not a pity party but  more of a climbing out of the rabbit hole, shaking off the dirt and saying hello again. And with that hello comes a brand new (almost finished) blog design...and a new attitude.

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