Sunday, 4 February 2018

Life | Hello February...


Oh hello February, now where have you been hiding? January was a flipping long month and it seems ages since we toasted in the new year with promise and hope.

So January, I managed to get back on track with macros and I'm actually enjoying it once again. Fair enough there have been some days where I have had a little fun and it's a good thing. It's important to allow yourself to have fun - you only have one life to live and that is your own. In January, I also started to reduce my plastic consumption - starting with those loose plastic bags for loose items in supermarkets. Tesco online delivery service have a little note section so I have been popping in a 'no plastic bag' comment.

In February, I have a couple of 6 Nations matches (we'll forget the horrendous performance by the Scotland team today - what an absolute dog's breakfast!) which will hopefully be balanced with a bit of more free time to blog. I will also make it to more than one Sunday morning yoga class (it's at 8am which makes it difficult after a late Saturday night) and I will start running again. I also have a couple of fun blogger things happening too.

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