Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Life | 25 Things about me...

1st day of school

001) I am always running late for things particularly work*. The only time I'm ever completely on time? The Gym. Always. Usually I'm early. Go figure.

*I'm never actually late, I'm just always at my desk much later than I want to be.

002) I have a thing about switches & sockets. I can leave some alone but there are certain ones I have to check numerous times - a process which means it can take an additional 30 mins to go to bed. No wonder I'm always running late for work!

003) My favourite food is ice-cream.

004) I am a huge fan of musicals. Highlights so far include Wicked, Legally Blonde, Wizard of Oz, Sister Act. I could actually go on...

005) My favourite book is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (I blame Standard Grade English for this one)

006) My one regret from childhood is not continuing with Horse Riding lessons when I moved up to Scotland. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Going for a hack on the roads was always good fun...and so was jumping.

007) Growing up, I had a cat called Gunpowder (or Gunny for short). He died when I was at uni at the ripe old age of 16...

008) Speaking of uni, I studied Zoology at the University of Aberdeen. I graduated in 2009.

009) I have Photosensitive Epilepsy which affects 3 people in every 100 people diagnosed.

010) I have lived all over the UK: Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Central Belt of Scotland and North-East Scotland. My parents have just moved further North so I suppose you could call the Moray Coast home too.

011) I have always grown up with some sort of Retriever in the household. We've had 1 Black Lab (Tasha) and 3.5 Golden Retrievers (Henry, Barney, Alfie & Maisie {still a pup, hence the 0.5}

012) I am half English and half Scottish (Mum is English, Dad is Scottish)

013) Every child has a favourite toy that they drag around everywhere with them. Mine was a giant* white lop-eared bunny called Thumper. I still have him and I think he is 25 years old this year.

*for a child anyway

014) There's not much I don't eat but I don't like Rocket, Haggis, Cookie Dough items or certain types of Meat & Fish. There might be a couple more things that I don't like but I can't remember.

015) I am obsessed with anything that is about Beetles or Squid - documentaries, interiors etc, You name it, I love it.

016) I passed my driving test 1st time with a few minors *insert smug look here*

017) I found out the hard way that too much Tequila (10!) results in damaged ligaments in my foot. Needless to say work was fun for the next month or so (I was a student and working in retail at the time so needs must)

018) I am petrified of Snakes, heights and birds that fly too close to me.

019) I have a slight obsession with Cacti & Succulents

020) I am a huge Rugby and F1 fan

021) In Primary 7, I fractured my wrist dry-slope skiing with the school. Thing is my parents didn't realise until about 2 weeks later - they thought I had just sprained it.

022) When I was about 4/5 years old, I once asked my parents to get a divorce. Why? So I could get more presents....erm ok then...

023) I went to a High School that is opposite a prison

024) I used to hate anything fitness-related - PE was always my nemesis at school. Now I love it and I'm never out of the gym.

025) I can play the piano (although i'm probably a little rusty now)

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