Saturday, 6 January 2018

Fitness | Fitness Goals 2018...


001) Drink more water
I am terrible at drinking enough water throughout the day and I usually rely on Tea and Coffee to keep myself hydrated. However, this year I want to increase my water intake and decrease my reliance on Tea and Coffee for hydration.

002) Stop eating S**t
Pretty self-explanatory - I eat too much crap and it's usually when I have a bad day or I am exceptionally tired. I tend to eat less crap when I'm at work or surrounded by people but when I'm by myself it can be a completely different story.

003) Stretch, stretch, stretch
I am SO bad at doing anything remotely like Yoga or even Body Balance for that matter. It is part laziness and partly inconvenient timings (yes, I know I can do yoga online but I prefer the whole class vibe). However, my gym has a new timetable and I also know of a couple of amazing yoga instructors within Aberdeen who now have classes which suit my timings. Tomorrow I am trying Yoga for Sport at 8am (yes on a Sunday!) which I think will be quite beneficial for my needs.

004) Exercise on my own terms
I'm an avid fitness lover but sometimes I go to the gym because my brain tells me to and not my gut. This year I would like to change that and only go when my brain and gut are in sync (which is actually a lot of the time to be fair)

005) Get more Sleep
Anyone else a late night Social Media scroller? I am absolutely terrible and the usual culprit is Insta stories. No wonder I can't get up for work in the morning. In 2018, I want to be able to have proper sleep pattern with a decent bedtime (11.45pm on a school night is not decent!). For Christmas, I received a Lumie light/alarm and so far it seems to be a positive thing.

006) Beat my 10K time
I ran a 10k last year and I was pretty pleased with my time but this year I would like to be just a little bit faster.

007) Make more use of the gym
I am a massive group exercise fan so I very rarely venture into the actual gym. Truth be told, I would probably be my own worst enemy in the gym if I was left to my own devices . Thankfully in classes, I don't have that problem.

008) Sign up for more challenges

009) Try new fitness things

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