Sunday, 1 October 2017

Life | Hello October...

I honestly have no idea where September went...I literally blinked and it was gone.

September was a mixture of fun and hard work. It was also a month where my body didn't feel like itself more often than not. Body aside, I had a very quick trip to Edinburgh for a hen party and plenty of catch-ups with friends. In September, I also fell in love (again) with the colour Mustard and I finally got to visit the Harry Potter Studios and I had so much fun that I collapsed (yay!).

October is going to be a little less busy than previous months and to be honest, after the last few months, I am looking forward to not running around Scotland quite so much. I am looking forward to snuggling up inside, putting on a good movie and blogging. I am also looking forward to getting back into a good gym routine as it has been a little all over the place the past few months.

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