Wednesday, 18 October 2017

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From a very young age, dogs have formed an integral part of my life. I was fortunate (and still fortunate) enough to share many years of happiness with 1 Black Labrador (my childhood Wingwoman) and 3 daft as a brush but fiercely loyal Golden Retrievers.

We all know that being active is an important part of any healthy lifestyle and even in man's best friend it is just as important. For both parties involved, there are a wealth of benefits that being active can bring not to mention all the fun you can have doing it.

For me, one of my favourite ways to get active with Alfie is to go exploring. Usually we head along the coastal path and then we have a massive battle trying to get him out of the water (I'm pretty certain he was a seal in a past life!) as he loves swimming far too much. However, sometimes we like to take him somewhere completely new to him and that is when the real fun begins.

Another way I like to get active with Alfie is spending time and actively playing with him and his toys (not just a random ball throw in between doing dishes). He is one of those dogs that LOVES toys and in particular anything that is ball-shaped. He actually has a habit of leaving a ball in every room just in case there is an opportunity to play with one. Honestly, that dog is much more intelligent than me sometimes.


More Than are aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and so they are currently running a campaign to encourage owners to get a little more active with their dogs. As part of this campaign, they have kindly sent us (or should that be Alfie?) a Pitpat to put the above ideas to the test.

So how did he do?


For Alfie's breed, the Pitpat recommends that he has 90 minutes of exercise per day. Generally I always thought Alfie was pretty active and he would easily be doing at least that. However, after trying out the Pitpat, it would seem that this was not the case. Some days he only did half of what he was meant to be doing while other days he was great and exceeded his recommended daily allowance.

Using the Pitpat has been such an eye-opener to how much exercise a dog actually needs. Too many of us are guilty of not giving them enough and I know that going forward, I will always be trying to give Alfie that little bit extra. So whether I am throwing a ball around for him for an extra 10 mins or taking him for a longer walk, I will be making sure that he gets the full amount of exercise that he requires (Sorry Alfie!)

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