Monday, 18 September 2017

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Running has never been my strong point nor has it particularly appealed to me. However, this year I needed to give myself a new fitness challenge and so it seemed rather rude not to sign up to the inaugural Great Aberdeen Run (10K).


As someone who is normally lurking in a studio somewhere within the depths of the gym, I knew that this challenge was going to be on a completely different scale from what I'm used to. I also knew that I would have to adapt my training to suit it. So I cut down on some of my classes, changed my rest days around (usually my rest day is a Sunday) and fitted in some runs along the way. Admittedly, I didn't do as many runs as I anticipated doing due to both injury and Scotland's unpredictable weather system (I did try running on treadmills but boredom set in far too quickly). However, the ones I did do, I was actually impressed with how far I managed to do. In particular, the time for the practice 10K I did a week before the race was a complete surprise to me.


Nerves are funny things. They appear when you least expect them to appear. Before the race, I was feeling fine. However, once I was in the 'holding pen' with the thousands of other runners, they kicked in. Hard. However, once my wave had (eventually) started, I was absolutely fine.

The race itself was better than I had expected. The hardest part was heading around Pittodrie Stadium and seeing people double back realising that you still had to do the same thing. Oh and the hills...and the long road up Carden Place. Ok, it was a pretty tough route. But you know what? It was worth every minute crossing the finishing like in 1 hr 2 mins.
Now where can I sign up for next year??

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