Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Monthly Favourites | July...


I know that I say this every single time but seriously where is this year going? Instead of looking out shorts and t-shirts, I'll soon be looking out the thick jumpers and woolly hats.

So what was I loving in July?



This month I have been making the most of all the pockets of free time I have by listening to some podcasts.  So far I have finished Lily Pebbles & The Anna Edit's podcast called 'At Home with' and I've also finished series 1 of Serial. Next on my list are a couple of educational/creative ones and series 2 of Serial. 

I think I have talked about this lipstick so much that you will probably be sick of hearing about it. Once again, it has made the list of my monthly favourites purely because it is an essential go-to lipstick that can be used day or night.


If you have seen my instagram (@ameyjaney - go and give it a little follow), you will know that I have been obsessed with eating Corn on the cobs. I think it is most likely that they are currently in season and like most things which are in season, they taste a million times better now than any other time of year. 

Nude Shoes:

This year I have seen more weddings and special events than I have seen in years and I have found that my nude courts have been essential every single time. This pair is from New Look not too long ago and were around £23 and they have been wonderful. Comfortable too which is always a bonus.

Nike Aurora Club Bag:

I spend most of my life living out of Tupperware which is fine...but most bags on the High Street do not cater for the amount of tupperware that I carry around. As my Topshop Tote Bag was sadly on its last legs, I needed something new. Originally I was looking at one to strap in my Yoga Mat but I couldn't find the one I originally wanted (I later found it after purchasing this one). Enter Nike with this one which has enough space to store all my day to day bits (and Tupperware) and it can also hold my Yoga Mat safely on top.

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