Wednesday, 19 July 2017

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From a young age, I have been obsessed with interiors - a trip to IKEA is always top of my list if I've got time when I'm down in either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

So what did I buy?


Cutlery Set (IKEA): I needed to replace one of my cutlery sets so after eyeing up my friend's set from Ikea, I decided I had to get myself one.

Folding Colander (IKEA): I have a fine mesh sieve which is great...until it comes to clean it. This one I picked up is great as it folds flat as well as having wide holes.

Palette Knife (IKEA): Fun Fact: I have never owned a palette knife...until now!

Spoon (IKEA): This is something that I use all the time so it is always useful to have a few kicking around.

Pot Stand (IKEA): I have a couple of these already but I always seem to need an additional one so I picked up another one.


Duvet Set (IKEA): There is nothing nicer than fresh clean sheets and even more so when they are a brand new set. As a general thing, I really like Ikea's duvet sets as I like the quality of them.

Marble Pot Stand (IKEA): This is actually a pot stand but I thought it would make a great blog photo prop.

Notebooks (IKEA): Do I really need to explain?

Cutting Jars (IKEA): I have a Spider Plant that likes to go a bit crazy. These were reduced but will be useful when removing the baby plants.


Aztec Plate (Sainsburys): I needed a tray for my ever-growing collection of plants and I found this plate as part of their Summer collection. It's perfect for some of my Ikea Cacti.

White patterned plate (Sainsburys): This was one that I picked up on impulse from Sainsburys (seriously check out their home section) and it will primarily be used for blog things.

Metal Bowl (Sainsburys): Again, like the white patterned plate, this will be used for blog stuff too

White patterned Bowl (Sainsburys): Like the previous 2 items, this is also a blog prop. I'm thinking it will be perfect for foodie posts.

Peach Candle (IKEA): Peach is one of my all time favourite scents so it seemed only fair to pick up a peach scented candle from Ikea.

Spice Jars (IKEA): I am in the process of swapping over most of my cupboard essentials into jars so these ones that I picked up are great. If I remember correctly they were only about £1.50 for 4.

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