Sunday, 11 June 2017

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'At Home with...' - Lily Pebbles & Anna Gardner:

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that Lily & Anna are two of my favourite Youtubers to watch. They have now released a podcast where they go into well-known influential people's homes and have a good chat about...well pretty much everything. I have loved every episode so far and I personally cannot wait to see who they interview next.

Smoked Salmon:

Ok, I'll admit I have never really been a massive fan of Smoked Salmon. I just couldn't stand it. Until one day (fairly recently actually) I decided to make a salad with Smoked Salmon and ever since then I have been hooked (sorry couldn't resist).

The Food Medic:

One of my Instagram guilty pleasures is browsing  'The Food Medic' feed for meal inspiration. Now that Hazel has released a book, I have been using her book as daily inspiration for meals. And you know what? She makes a lot of sense. Having used a local fitness professional to help with my nutrition previously, everything Hazel has written coincides with what I have previously been told. The first section is jam-packed full of nutritional info and if I'm honest, it is one of the better (if not the best) healthy living books currently on the market.

Glass Teapot:

I love tea - if the name of this blog doesn't give it away. If I can, I generally enjoy drinking loose leaf tea a little more than bagged tea. However, loose leaf tea can be a bit of a pain to drink which is why this month, I decided to once again use my Glass Teapot which is designed for loose leaf tea so I could enjoy it a little more often.

Crew Cat Clothing:

I have already spoken about my love for Crew Cat Clothing before. However, last month I ordered some of their newer items from their website. I can safely say that their 'Crossover Hoody' is the best hoody you will ever own.


With the weather amping up the heat a little bit (although I am writing this on the wettest day ever), I have been starting to enjoy making smoothies a little bit more. Banana, Acai Berry and berries is usually a winner for me.

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