Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Life | Hello June...


Well May has been and gone in a blink of an eye. In May, I enjoyed spending a little less time in front of the laptop and a little more time being me. I was also able to spend a few weekends with my parents simply because I felt like it (now that I don't have to spend several hours travelling to see them).

June brings the start of a multitude of celebrations; a Hen Weekend, a Wedding and also a very special birthday for my Dad (He'll more than likely kill me for telling you how old he will be). It is also the time to plan new adventures with old friends and figure out what on earth I'm doing with my life (although I don't think this will be solved in a month). This month I want to focus on my fitness and listen to my body; I want to nail all those flipping burpees in the HIIT track in the current combat release (there's too many I tell you) and also post a little bit more on here (I think I kind of abandoned it a little last month)

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