Thursday, 11 May 2017

Life | 5 Netflix favs...


Netflix is probably my major source of procrastination. If I'm honest, I probably spend more time watching Netflix than I do normal TV.

Today, I thought I would share 5 of my favourites and also 5 that are on my to-watch list.

5 Favourites:

It's always sunny in Philadelphia

Comedy-gold. It's always sunny in Philadelphia is about a group of friends who own a bar and get themselves into all sorts of hilarious situations. If you like The Big Bang Theory or New Girl, you will love this. At the moment there are 12 seasons on Netflix and with each episode 20 mins long, you will fly through this.

Pretty Little Liars

When Alison goes missing, the 4 remaining girls - Spencer, Emily, Hannah & Aria are bombarded with messages from 'A' who threatens to spill everything. Who is this mysterious 'A'? Currently no-one but the cast knows right now as the final ever few episodes still have to air. You will definitely like this if you like Gossip Girl.

RuPaul's Drag Race:

Definitely couldn't leave this show off the list. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have heard of this show. With drag queens, better make-up skills than I have, amazing lip-sync skills and  not to mention Michelle Visage's epic comments, this show is not to be missed. Can I get an amen?


Based upon characters by Archie Comics, Riverdale explores a small town as they deal with the mysterious death of one of their teenagers. Originally I was neither here nor there with this series but as the weeks have gone on, I have found myself even more gripped by it.

Gilmore Girls:

Yet another one I couldn't leave off of the list. I love this show! Light-hearted and a feel-good series, Gilmore Girls follows the adventures of Rorie & Lorelai as they navigate life in Stars Hollow.

5 on my to-watch list:

001) Dr Foster
002) Mad Men
003) House of Cards
004) Fittest on Earth (documentary)
005) A Series of Unfortunate events

What do you recommend for Netflix?

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