Monday, 8 May 2017

Life | 25 Things about me...


You can never know too much about someone right? So today I thought I would share 25 things that you may or may not know about me.

001) I have a thing about switching switches off before I go to bed. Sometimes it can take me an additional 30 mins or so for me to go to bed as I check everything numerous times. No wonder I am tired in the morning!

002) I am an only child.

003) I have a fear of running fast on a treadmill. This is not helped much by the sheer amount of videos I have seen of people face planting on treadmills.

 004) I am petrified of Snakes.

005) Human feet - in any shape or form (including my own) - creep the s**t out of me. I always hope in Body Balance/Yoga I don't get someone's foot cm away from me.

006) I was born in Norwich and lived in England for the 1st 9 years of my life.

007) When I unplug any sort of charger, I have a strange thing of not allowing it to touch anything even when it is unplugged. Let's just say my living room floor can look amusing in the morning.

008) I used to have a cat called Gunpowder. My Dad's plan was to have 3 called Gunpowder, Treason & Plot. However, his plan was flawed as we only got 2 and I named the other one Mopsy (I was 6!)

009) My favourite book is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee

010) Apparently when I was really small, I asked my parents to get a divorce. Why? So I could get more presents, haha. Needless to say, they are still happily married 30 years later.

011) Squid are one of my favourite creatures in the entire world and they are even more interesting when they are dissected. They are not so interesting cooked I may add...

012) I went on a school visit to the prison (which may or may not have been conveniently located beside my high school)

013) I have a degree in Zoology.

014) My favourite song in the entire world is 'Wherever you will go' by The Calling.

015) I have a Golden Retriever called Alfie who is too intelligent for his own good.

016) My favourite film is 'The Lion King'

017) Tequila is my nemesis. I once got so drunk on Tequila (it seems like 10+ shots and whatever else we had been drinking prior to that is not a good combination) that I ended up falling over and severely damaging one of my ankles. It was fun waking up the next morning and not really having much memory of what had happened...until I was filled in. Funny how I can't stand the stuff now...unless it's Tequila Rose.

018) I have Epilepsy.

019) I can play the piano.

020) I have a number of different nicknames used by various people: AJ, Ameyjaney, Ames, Amester and my Dad's favourite - boy.

021) My ultimate comfort clothes consist of a massive hoody, over-sized t-shirt and some form of leggings. Usually accompanied with no bra (so glamorous), cosy socks and no make-up.

022) If someone offered me a bag of sweets or a packet of biscuits, I would pick the biscuits every single time.

023) I am obsessed with tea.

024) My time of birth is officially recorded as 4am although according to what I've heard, I was actually born a few mins before that, Apparently one of my relatives (on my Dad's side I believe) was born at 4am so it was changed to match that.

025) I broke my arm dry-slope skiing with my Primary School. Needless to say, I've not been back...

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