Monday, 15 May 2017

Fitness | My top 3 kitchen appliances for healthier living...

With healthy eating being a massive thing right now, there are a million and one appliances on the market - from soup makers to blenders there seems to be something for every possible requirement.

However, to be healthy, you really don't need to splash out on every single appliance going. Seriously don't. Some of the ones available, I would class as a complete waste of time and money. In addition, if you're limited on space like myself, then you really don't need additional appliances cluttering up your kitchen.

So what 3 appliances do I recommend?

George Foreman:

I always said I would never get one of these - I didn't see the point in them. However, I have now have one after a recommendation from a friend. I use it all of the time for grilling absolutely anything. The version I have is the 2 portion which is compact and retails for around £20.00. I loved mine so much that I actually bought my parents one for Christmas and they are just as addicted to theirs as much as I am to mine,

Food Processor:

My Food Processor is probably my most used appliance - I use it in everything that I do. So whether I'm making Energy Balls or making part of a main meal, it has become an essential for me that I can't live without. Food Processors are relatively cheap for a basic one to start out with. Mine is a Kenwood one which was around £30.00

Breville Actiblend:

While a blender may not be on everyone's list, I find this compact one pretty useful to use. Sometimes I do use it for smoothies while other times I use it for blending up something for a recipe. This one is particularly good as the blade screws onto the actual cup and then once blended you replace the blade with the lid. Anything that reduces washing up is a must for me.

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