Thursday, 4 May 2017

Blogging | Fitting blogging in around a busy lifestyle...

Life is busy and sometimes blogging has to take a backseat. You either do this or you spend every waking hour trying to fit in blogging around your busy lifestyle. I am definitely the latter.

With my blog, it was getting beyond ridiculous. I would come home late from the gym (bear in mind I had been at work all day prior to the gym), switch on my laptop and blog until it was bedtime. I was shattered and over what....a blog?

One day, I decided that things needed to change - I needed to able to spend some time simply relaxing and not glued to my laptop. In addition, I needed something that would put my mental health in a good place. So I decided to reorganise things a little and put some things in place that would allow me to have a little more free time.

Here are some ways that I have been able to manage fitting blogging in around my lifestyle:

Batch Photos

Taking photos in a batch is much quicker than doing it as and when. By doing it this way, I free up a huge amount of time during the week. I am also able to take advantage of the good, natural light that I generally don't have access to after work.

Blocking out a set period

I am a huge procrastinator and I like to think that I can fire off a number of blog posts while watching Netflix. Nope - not a chance. However, what I have found that works for me is switching off all distractions/Netflix etc and sitting at my desk and simply writing. Usually I aim for a 3 hour block once or twice a week depending on how busy I am. To be honest, this blocking method is actually one of the most effective time-savers.

Writing copy on paper first

This is a bit of a strange one. I find that I am generally more productive with copy if I write it down on paper first instead of staring blankly at a screen for a while and typing.

Use small pockets of time wisely:

You know that 15 min tea break you have at work? Well use the time to plan content/schedule Social Media etc. I like to use my commute in the morning to schedule a few things and catch up on comments etc.

Create an Editorial Calendar

I've actually written about creating an editorial calendar before (albeit quite a while ago). This is something that I rely on heavily so I can see what posts etc are coming up. I actually use a couple for mine - one that is in my day-to-day diary and another which is separate. Sometimes I really think I need to think about a digital one too.

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