Saturday, 1 April 2017

Reads | Thrive - Arianna Huffington...

When you are gripped to a book right from the word go, you know that it has to be good. And 'Thrive' by Arianna Huffington  is no exception.

In 'Thrive' Arianna discusses the challenges faced in modern society detaching from technology and work to have a good life balance. Drawing from both experience and Scientific research, Arianna shows us that by bringing small changes into our lives such as meditating for a few mins per day or by not answering work emails at all hours of the day, we can achieve a healthy life balance.

What I loved about this book is that it divided into 4 sections: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. My favourite section to read was definitely the well-being section as I could draw comparisons from my own life to what she was discussing. In addition, I really like the style in which she writes as well as the humour that she brings to the book which is mainly by personal anecdotes.

Overall, I would really recommend reading this book particularly if you feel that you need to re-evaluate your work/life balance.

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