Sunday, 23 April 2017

Life | This Week #081...

001) This week has been preeeetty busy to say the least. I was working on Monday so I didn't have the dreaded heading back to work feeling on Tuesday. I was pretty busy on Monday though, haha.

002) How good is Girlboss on Netflix? I am obsessed with it and have pretty much binge-watched it all this weekend.It's such an easy watch.

003) Fitness-wise, this week I managed to increase some of my weights in Body Pump just because i felt like it, haha. I also managed to successfully do bird pose in my parents back garden of all places.

004) I think my obsession with veggies is getting a little out of control - veggies with everything is pretty much my current motto for life.

005) This week I rediscovered one of my favourite lipsticks by Clinique (I don't have it with me so i can't remember the name). I always forget to have a rummage through my make-up instead on going with trusty faithfuls.

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