Sunday, 9 April 2017

Life | This Week #079...

001) This week has been quite a quick one actually. Work, gym and lots of downtime pretty much.

002) With the weather being as nice as it has been, I have been making any effort to be outside in the Sunshine. Today I headed down to a local market with local producers. I ended up buying some local granola and some local fresh eggs. Yummy!

003) Fitness-wise, I finally managed to achieve a bind in Body Balance. It has only taken me 2 years! In addition, this week was the first full week of the new Les Mills releases and my body is wrecked. These new releases are tough! So much so that I had an unplanned rest day on Friday which actually did me the world of good.

004) This week I seem to have picked up an addiction to roasted veggies. I just love them - particularly roasted broccoli.

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