Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Life | Food Shopping on a budget...


We've all been there - walked into a supermarket and bought things we don't need and also spent much more money then we intended to do. When you've only got a minimal income, you need to know how to shop on a budget.

Here are some of my tips for shopping on a budget:

001) Look through your cupboards/fridge etc to see what you already have

My parents are notoriously bad for not doing this (or at least they were when I lived with them) and you would find that they would have at least 6 Chilli Powders in their cupboard as they hadn't checked before what they had. Every time I do a food shop, I go through my cupboards to see what I already have. The amount of times that I have discovered something that I was away to buy is unbelievable.

002) Shop online:

I never used to shop online and I quite simply came out with rubbish. I find that by shopping online I don't pay attention to any of the offers which are strategically placed on end aisles in stores and I'm more likely to stick to my list. I also save time as I can do this while binge-watching Netflix. It's a win win situation.

003) Make a list:

Similar to the above, always make a list. By making a list you are less likely to stray away and buy things that you do not need. I work on my list throughout the week and add things as I need them.

004) Forget the brands:

Don't feel that you have to buy branded products all the time. Branding is just that - you pay for the name. Yes, we all have our favourites and quite often we are creatures of habit and buy what we know. However, sometimes the cheaper brands are quite good too. One product I never buy branded is Chopped Tomatoes - simply because it's only tomatoes and most of the time we throw them into a pan with spices.

005) Meal Plan:

I never used to meal plan - I just made it up as I went along. This led me to buying unnecessary items and eating essentially junk. With meals planned, I know exactly what I am having and when.

006) Forget best before dates on Fruit & Veg:

I have never understood this one. Generally the way I see it is that Fruit and Veg goes mouldy when it is off and quite often it does well after the best before date. However,  always, always, always pay attention to use-by/best-before dates on things like Meat/Fish/Dairy etc as these will definitely make you ill (I speak from previous experience!)

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