Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Monthly Favourites | February...


For me, February passed in a bit of a blur: all the weeks blended into one with a couple of 6 nations games thrown in for good measure. I reaffirmed my love for pamper sessions and pastel nails; got my hair done and also hit a few personal fitness goals.

This month I have been loving:

Capture your style - Aimee Song:

This book has been everywhere recently (along with a certain closet one). I spotted it on Amazon before Christmas and my parents kindly gifted me with it. The reason that I like it is jam-packed full of info and because I feel the need to up my Instagram game a little bit (it's @ameyjaney if you're wondering).

Pastel Nails:

Oh my pastel nails have been my new February obsession. In my eyes nothing says Spring quite like pastel nails. In particular, I have been in love with Essie Sweet Tart  and also Essie's classic Mint Candy Apple.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer:

I'm a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to base products - I have my firm favourites which I always religiously stick to. However, I also love to buy new products. In February I purchased Bourjois Radiance Concealer and I am absolutely in love. Coverage is pretty awesome and long-lasting. Full review coming soon.

Origins Renewal Serum:

It's a known fact that I love Origins. Usually the Ginzing range is my go-to range. One day I went to repurchase the moisturiser and there was none in stock. However, they did have a gift set which contained it and it was also this gift set which contained the Renewal Serum. Since I got it I have been using it most days as part of my daily skincare routine. It smells absolutely incredible and works really well.


Finally I have been obsessed with Instagram this month and in particular Insta stories. I'm slowly beginning to get the hang of insta stories.

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