Monday, 13 March 2017

Life | Why I am learning to embrace Minimalism...


I am a clutter bug - I always have been (although not to hoarder/Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners standard). When I was younger, I used to revel going into town on a Saturday and spending pocket money on silly little things (In those days you could get a lot for your money). In addition, when I worked in retail, staff sales were pretty much impulsive buys and so were purchases made when I was a student. I really had no end to buying things.

It was the same for many years until one day I thought why. Why am I buying things that essentially sit and gather dust? Why am I spending part of my precious weekends cleaning and tidying away 'things' when what it comes down to is that I simply have too much stuff? Just why?

Right now I live in a one bedroom flat in the city centre with very little storage and I have done for 8 years. There is definitely no room to hide things; no room to be able to buy excessive amounts and certainly no room for clutter. When I read Marie Kondo's 'The life changing magic of tidying' (brilliant book if you're wondering), something in the book really resonated with me and it was simply if  you don't enjoy an item anymore then why do you still have it?

Reading that was a mini-realisation in itself: I simply have a lot of things that I no longer care for. Sure someone else might care for them but for me personally not so much. This is partly why I want to embrace minimalism: to get rid of the things that I no longer care for or find joy in. In addition, I always feel happier and more relaxed when I'm in an environment that is clean and tidy. I'm also not so likely to freak out over surprise visitors (particularly my parents who have keys and turn up unannounced and drop things off). Furthermore, let's face it: I am barely in my flat with work,gym and socialising so things are simply sitting and gathering dust.

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