Sunday, 26 March 2017

Life | This Week #077...


001) First things first, who brought the Sunshine to the party? This weekend I have spent as much time as possible soaking up the sunshine as it's usually a case of blink-and-you-miss-it in Scotland. Yesterday I went for a lovely long dog walk with my friend along the beach and today I took myself off to one of the local parks beside to river to do some April content planning. I may have got a little burnt...

002) Last week I mentioned that I wanted to switch out one of my morning coffees for a herbal tea and that is exactly what I did. The first day I made the mistake of switching my first cup out. Rookie mistake - I was falling asleep at my desk by 9.30 am. The next day I kept the first one and changed the 2nd. Result.

003) This week has been a little about self-care. I really am a glutton for punishment so I decided that it would probably be a good idea to start taking care of myself a bit better. On Thursday I injured my calf once again in the same class as last week. Instead of pushing on and going to combat on Friday like I usually would, I decided to have a rest day instead which I think is doing it the world of good.

004) You know when you buy things but then forget about them for ages? That. On Friday I was off work so I actually had to get into something that wasn't work stuff, gym stuff or PJs. Looking for a jumper in my wardrobe, I stumbled across a vintage sweatshirt that I bought ages ago and never worn. Since Friday I haven't taken it off...

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