Sunday, 19 March 2017

Life | This Week #076...

001) This week I rediscovered just how much Sports Massages hurt - I even  have the bruises to prove it! However, my legs did feel bouncy afterwards so the benefits of one definitely outweigh the bruises.

002) As I do a lot of exercise, I have spent some time this week researching the benefits of incorporating mobility based exercises into my weekly routine. Generally I think this is something that I will definitely be doing as I push my body to the limit 6 days out of 7.

003) Last week I discovered that Project Runway is now on Netflix. So it only seems right that I've binge-watched it this weekend...right?

004) On Saturday I headed along to Murrayfield for the final 6 Nations game of 2017 where Scotland won against Italy. Some beautiful, tactical tries were scored which kept the Italians at arms length. Unfortunately we did finish 4th in the final standings (still on same points as Ireland and France though) but it was a really, strong competition for Scotland.

005) I've been a bit lax on the nutrition front recently and I have definitely let things slip with more treats slipping in then I care to admit. Last week I made a choice to cut down my Hot Chocolate obsession as I was having Marshmallows with it every single time which isn't good and I successfully managed it. Actually I don't think I had any Hot Chocolate last week aside from the one I had at Murrayfield. This week I think I want to switch out one of my morning coffees for a herbal tea - little changes and all that.

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