Sunday, 12 March 2017

Life | This Week #075...

001) This weekend has been consumed by Caramac Blondie making. Over the weekend, I tried 2 different basic Blondie recipes and the first turned out a bit meh! The 2nd was alright and will be appearing on the blog later on.

002) Generally this week has been one of those meh weeks. I don't know what it was but let's just say I've had much better weeks.

003) Has anyone been watching The Replacement on BBC? I am actually hooked on it. I am sad that this coming week will be the last episode but I am excited to see how it pans out. In addition, I've also been loving Broadchurch recently. Oh and Homeland...and Call the Midwife.

004) Speaking of programmes, I have just started watching 'My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' over on Netflix after hearing so much about it from my friends. It is actually really good and well worth a watch.

005) I think after speaking about taking a bit more time for myself, I seem to have started to do that this week. On Monday I came home late from the gym and for once did not switch on my laptop. Instead I got into my Mermaid blanket and watched TV (with some Social Media loving too of course). Also on Saturday, I bought Vogue for the first time in forever and actually sat and read it for a while. I only got up when I had to actually do something constructive (which was tidying if you're interested).

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