Sunday, 5 March 2017

Life | This Week #074...

001) Just when I thought that the weather was getting better and Spring was beginning to show, it decides to throw a curve ball and get worse. Today I got absolutely soaked twice in the downpour that has been happening all day. Thankfully, aside from the gym and picking up a parcel, I didn't have to spend a large part of my day running errands.

002) This week a couple of my gym classes were cancelled and so I found that I had an evening to myself. To be honest, I forgot what it feels like to have a completely free weekday evening as I have been at the gym most nights for the last few years. I actually managed to get so much done which in turn left me with a bit more free time on Friday evening (when I usually do a bit of cleaning).

003) On Tuesday, I made the most perfect pancakes I have ever made. They were thick, fluffy and contained protein. I think I still want to try and make a healthier version at some point but they still were pretty damn tasty.

004) This weekend, I am absolutely determined to finish Breaking Bad - I have only 4 episodes left! It has only taken me a little while (ahem a year) to even get this far. I do enjoy it but I have got extremely distracted by other Netflix shows (Gilmore Girls if you're wondering).

005) My Body Pump chest track weight has been one of my weakest for quite a while thanks to injury. However this week I decided to take the bull by the horns and put my weight up once more (only increased it a couple of weeks ago). It absolutely kills me during the track but I know in the long run it will get easier and I will get stronger. Still squatting my 30kg Squat track weight though!

006) Sticking with the fitness theme, on Friday I managed to take a slice out of my head (I'll live if you're wondering) during Body Combat. It's supposed to be a non-contact class...

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