Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Beauty | Sabai Soap review...


Despite owning a shedload of beauty products, I always find that those products I enjoy using the most are those which are natural products.

Recently Sabai Soaps got in contact to see if I would like to trial one of their soaps. Being a lover of natural products, I agreed and was kindly sent the Green Seaweed Soap to trial.

So who are Sabai Soaps?

Sabai Soaps are a small family run business who specialise in providing  natural, organic and vegan friendly products. Their products are made in Thailand by local communities using local ingredients and packaged in recycled packaging. As Sabai believe in giving back to communities, 20% of the profits go back to charities which work within these local communities.

What did I think?

Well first things first, the smell of these products is incredible. I had barely managed to open the parcel when I was hit by a lovely, almost peppermint-y smell. In addition, the  packaging of these products is absolutely beautiful. It is definitely beautiful on the outside yes , but the real beauty is on the inside where you can still see what the packaging used to be - I think my one was previously a newspaper. Finally, the actual product is amazing to use and is SO gentle on the skin. Using this product definitely makes my showers that little bit better.

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