Sunday, 26 February 2017

Life | This Week #073...

001) First things first, what a 6 Nations game this weekend for Scotland! Once again (no surprise) I was at Murrayfield in the middle of all the action and if I thought that the game against Ireland was loud, well the game against Wales was even louder. Admittedly after the narrow defeat by France and the amount of injuries that we picked up against France, I was a bit sceptical about how we would perform with some key players missing. Amazingly, the team were strong, if not stronger and the 2nd half was absolutely thrilling to watch considering we were behind at half-time. Next up is England for the Calcutta Cup (Eeek!)

002) This week has been a good week - lots of positive things going on and perhaps some exciting things. We will have to wait and see what the future holds.

003) I think sometimes we need to step back and actually take some time to ourselves. This week I have been taking a little bit of time to step back from things and to do different things. I've painted my nails, had my hair done, finished off 4 (!) books and literally spent some time doing absolutely nothing (apart from perhaps binge-watching It's always sunny in Philadelphia)

004) On Thursday, I had a day off. Originally my plan was to head into town and pick up a few bits and bobs but as it turned out Doris had other ideas. I decided to stay inside, get some things done around the house and have an impromptu Yoga session which actually lasted much longer than I anticipated. I mean once you start playing with Yoga moves, who knows where you will end up?

005) At the moment, I am loving Instagram. I have been posting a bit more frequently this week and I'm really enjoying it. You can find me @ameyjaney

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