Sunday, 19 February 2017

Life | This Week #072...


001) What a week! On Wednesday night I managed to lock myself at my flat on the way to the gym. It was one of those situations where as soon as the door clicks, you realise your keys are on the wrong side of the door. The only option I had was to phone a locksmith as one of my spare sets was with my set of keys and the other is with my parents. Idiot.

002) As I couldn't get to the gym on Wednesday night, Thursday I was definitely ready for it. So much so that I managed to keep all my weights heavy AND pick up a PB for Squat Track (30kg) in Body Pump. I am actually still stupidly happy about it days later - I just need to do it again.

003) On Thursday I ordered a print I have been thinking about ordering for ages from Ella Masters shop. Honestly, if you guys have never seen any of Ella's work then I highly recommend that you do - her stuff is absolutely beautiful! This will be my second purchase from her.

004) This week I have been trying to keep on top of my macros as much as possible. I seemed to find that I had consumed plenty protein during the day but still had heaps of Carbs & Fats left in the evening. What is all that about? Needless to say that there were a few naughty treats thrown in which did fit my macros.

005) Looking after my skin has been a bit on the back burner for a little while so this week I thought I begin to take steps to look after it. So far my skin seems to have began to behave itself again.

006) Beauty posts can be few and far between on here.However, this week I seem to have found my Beauty post mojo back again so you can definitely look forward to seeing a few more beauty posts.

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