Sunday, 12 February 2017

Life | This Week #071...


001) This week I've been thinking a lot about minimalism and how tired I am of having so much stuff in my flat. I think when you first start earning your own money, you want to buy everything as having your own money is a new concept. However, as you get older, buying lots of things for yourself loses the appeal.

002) I've started to watch Riverdale on Netflix and so far it has been brilliant - absolutely gripping viewing. There is currently one episode being released a week so if you fancy giving it a go, then it is easy to catch up with.

003) I have no idea what happened this week but I have really not been sticking to my macros - all I have been wanting is Marshmallows and Giant Crumpets (not together I might add). I'm going to start on a clean slate today (aside from the fact I am heading out for a meal later) and nail those macros. I am determined to stay on track this week. Stay on track = smash more goals.

004) I am SO ready for Spring. This cold weather is doing me absolutely no favours and to be honest, I would quite like to leave some of the layers at home. Even in the office it is absolutely freezing. Doesn't help with the snow that has been around...

005) This week I have felt I've had a pretty strong gym game. Some weeks are generally better than others but this week was one of the stronger ones where I felt like I was top of my game again, It was a nice feeling and one that I hope I will have more often.

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