Thursday, 23 February 2017

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Bedrooms are the ultimate place for maxing out the comfort and decor factor as after all we do spend a large part of our day (albeit mainly sleeping) in them.

My bedroom currently has the comfort factor but lacks in decor. It is the last room of the house to be done and is desperately needing an update.

At the moment it is drab, has textured wallpaper, wooden floors and some awful curtains which I haven't been bothered to change. It is also small and literally holds a bed and a wardrobe. So in some respects I have a blank canvas with limited furniture movement to work with.

My inspiration right now falls into the neutral/scandi style that is making the rounds. I love the idea of a neutral canvas with colour pops and artwork. I also like the idea of minimalism (although I think this will be something to apply to the whole house) as I am fed up of being a clutterbug.

With minimal furniture movement available, I need to think smart for storage and use the fact that I have high ceilings to my advantage. I am thinking of adding some shelves to the corner like the picture and using these as a display area for pretty items. I also need to think about under bed storage too.

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