Monday, 27 February 2017

Eats | Raw Millionaire Slices...

Millionaires Shortbread are one of my favourite treats to eat and I can quite easily eat my way through a number of them at once. Tasty they may be but they are definitely not the healthiest treats around.

These Raw Millionaire Slices are a take on the real thing - full of taste but definitely not as unhealthy! They are perfect for sharing...if you can keep them long enough that is!

You will need:

For the base:

100g Oats
100g Ground Almonds
2 Tbsp Agave Nectar
Drop of Almond Milk

For the Salted Caramel layer:

160g Dates
140g Cashews
Pinch of Salt
2 Tsp Vanilla Essence
3 Tbsp Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp Almond Milk

For the Chocolate layer:

4 Tbsp Coconut Oil
4 Tbsp Cacao Powder
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
2 Tsp Agave Nectar



001) Into a Food Processor, blend the Oats until they are a fine powder.
002) Add in Ground Almonds and blend.
003) Add in a drop of Almond Milk & 2 Tbsp Agave Nectar and combine. Base should not be overly wet but should be sticky enough so that it combines together. Once combined place in a square tin (I think my is 9 inches square)
004) Put base into the Freezer to set while you begin work on the Salted Caramel layer.

Salted Caramel layer:

005) Into a Food Processor, blend the Cashews until they are in fine pieces. Ideally the smaller the Cashew pieces the better.
006) Pit the dates (if not pitted) and cut into small chunks and place in to the Food Processor which already has the Cashews in it. Blend.
007) Add in the Coconut Oil 1 Tbsp at a time (3 Tbsp in total) and blend after every Tbsp is added. This will ensure that the Coconut Oil is easily distributed.
008) Next add in the Vanilla Extract, Almond Milk and the Salt. Blend.
009) Once the Salted Caramel layer is ready and the consistency is spreadable (like Peanut Butter), add it on top of the base layer. Place container back into the Freezer while you prepare the Chocolate layer.

Chocolate layer:

010) Over a Bain-Marie, gently melt the Coconut Oil.
011) Once melted, add in the Cacao Powder, Vanilla Essence & Agave Nectar and stir.
012) Pour Chocolate over the Salted Caramel /Oat layer making sure that the Chocolate covers everything.
013) Place in Freezer to set.

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