Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Blogging | Top 5 Blogging Apps...

As I'm on the go 95% of the time, I end up doing a lot of my blog stuff on the go. For instance, I will (if I remember) post something to Facebook on my commute to work or I will pop up an insta link on my tea break. Therefore, having some good apps on my phone is essential for me to be able to do this.

So what are my top 5 blogging apps?


There are many photo-editing apps around - I'm pretty sure every one has their favourites. Mine in particular is VSCO. This app allows you to add filters, play with brightness, shadows, highlights etc. You can then automatically import it into Facebook, Instagram or any other Social Media channel.


This is pretty much self-explanatory. Usually, I read posts either through Social Media links or through Bloglovin so having this app on my phone makes it easy to read on the go without having to log in all the time.


This app is a clever little thing and a bit of a time saver. You can create 'recipes' on it which means that if you post something to, say twitter, it can automatically post to Facebook or any other channel that you have.

Google Photos:

We all know the dreaded 'Storage Full' message that comes up on our phones particularly when we are trying to take photos at an event. It's just rubbish. However, Google have an app which will upload all of your photos to their drive (like iCloud) which means that you can free up plenty of space on your phone so you can snap away to your heart's content.


I'm not sure about you but being able to schedule tweets on the go is an absolute blessing. Usually I schedule tweets when I've finished writing the post but occasionally I'm too tired to do it. And this is when Hootsuite comes in. It is so simple to use and it is only a matter of writing, scheduling and posting.

What are your favourite blogging apps?

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