Monday, 30 January 2017

Monthly Favourites | January...


Goodness me, it's practically February already! January passed in a bit of a blur if I'm honest. For the first couple of weeks I was out of my flat for plumbing issues which really threw me off balance with everything else that was going on. Once I returned, I spent my time trying to catch up on all the posts which were supposed to go live and trying to get back on track with my Macros. It was pretty difficult and even now I'm still playing catch-up.

Anyway, problems aside, here are the things I have been loving in January:

New Balance Water Bottle:

I bought this before Christmas for no reason other than it holds more water than any of my others that I have. I didn't need it but it has definitely been instrumental in trying to drink 2 litres of water per day. Most days I can reach at least 1 litre, sometimes more depending on what I have been doing at the gym.

Crew Cat Clothing:

Brand new brand for January, Crew Cat Clothing bring the comfort and style to the gym. These 2 items are some of the comfiest gym clothes that I currently own and even better, they also wash really well too.

Arianna Huffington - Thrive:

This book was purchased before Christmas as my Christmas reading book. I've still not quite finished it but so far it is really good. I'll have a full review coming up very soon (once I finish it that is)

Tassimo Coffee Machine: 

For some reason I stopped using my Coffee Machine, however in the last few weeks I have started to use it again particularly on the weekends. Usually I'll have a latte, but sometimes I'll also have a Hot Chocolate.

Fitbit Charge 2:

This was a little 'From me to me' present as I was looking for something that would be able to monitor my heart rate but also not have a chest strap. This has been amazing since I got it and definitely worth the investment as I haven't taken it off yet. I use this all the time and have popped up a full review here.

Gooseberry & Ginger Gin:

Everyone around me knows that I love Gin. My parents very kindly gave me this Gooseberry & Ginger Gin for Christmas. I have no idea where they got it from (perhaps a local craft type thing) but it is absolutely stunning and I want to get my hands on another bottle.

Leopard Print Cup:

This was actually another Christmas present from my parents (they did particularly well this year) and it was a replacement for my previous one which was beginning to leak and be generally disgusting. So far this one has been great when I have been using it for my daily commute.

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